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3 Different Types of Animation

What is animation?

Animation is kind of illusion which seems too real to the eyes of the viewer. It tricks the mind of the viewer in a way that they are not able to comprehend the truth and illusion delusion of the animation. Animation tricks the viewer’s eye and captures their attention pretty smoothly. Animation works with multiple pictures moving a sequence or you can say in a loop which creates a false motion called animation. Animation have different types, there are various kind of animation present which are capturing people hearts and minds in a unique way. Mentioned below are different types of animation took place in the world of visualization:

1. Traditional animation:

The traditional animation is sometimes called hand-drawn animation or cel animation. In the 20th century, most of the animated films were created on this type. It’s kind of a lengthy process which can become hectic for you. People draw thousands of pictures on cels and acetate sheets in which every bringing a minor difference from the previous one to create a perfect animated illusion. Each one of the cel was photographed on a different film frame so that whenever the film reel is played, the picture which is drawn on that cel can create motion. This type of animation can also be combined with the live-action video by settling the cels right above the film. Traditional animation was famous in the late 80s and the early 90s. It was also implemented in the movies frame roger rabbit and space jam.

It takes exceptional skills and great artistic styles to create a flawless traditional animation as we all know about the Disney! This name is ruling the world of animation since the very first moment it steps into the world on animation. Their animation is considered as one of the most realistic and versatile. They have used many stylistics drawings for many cartoon programs, for instance, the Flintstones, yellow submarine has utilized the –pop art that was famous in that time. Music video for the “take on me” by A-ha is another example of traditional animation known as rotoscoping. Rotoscoping was used in the live action recording as a template for the animation, they have used a very simple pencil sketch in this video. As a matter of fact, any style can change its direction towards the animation. However, in this era, traditional animation is not used when it comes to digital techniques invention! Reason? Because of the lengthy and time taking process but some of the animators still in this century use traditional animation.

2. Computer animation:

The wonders of technology has revolutionized the animation world. The computer animation is one the technique which carries a vast range of techniques which are done by using computer. The computer animation was born in 1990s since then it is continuously evolving the animation world. When the animator started to use the computer animation they realizes that the computer animation is much easier to use than traditional animation. Traditional animation took time and great effort but on the other hand computer animation saves time and utilize less effort with great results. The computer animation can be divide in to 2 major types:

Digital 2D: digital 2D is created by the help of computer programs for instance after effects, flash, TV paint and cel action. These programs have their own levels of complications. Just like the traditional animation, 2D animation also uses layers to create pictures. It shows anything present in the landscape and the background. Not just a single character but multiple characters but multiple characters even the crowd can be shown in 2D animation. Digital 2D animation is not that much use for artistic purpose just because of lack of depth. But still it is used in advertisement and desktop publishing.

Digital 3D: digital 3D uses Maya program to create animation with more detail. The animator will often try to create something simple version for the digital characters detailing their every pore, muscles, hair, skin everything with 3D digital animation. The animator will utilize the key framing top set the position of the character. The 3D animation seems to be realistic and animators can be skilled artistically to create a unique character.

Motion capture: motion capture is the method which is used in 3D digital animation. The actor will shoot the scene doing different actions, conversation or can act in full scenes, with the help of special sensors attached with their body and face are being captured by a film camera. After this it is translated in to a digital character, which is controlled by an animator. This type of digital animation is utilized in the block buster movie, dawn of the planet of the apes and the legend of Tarzan. The animators are also using Video Animation Services Online so that they can upgrade their video animation tools.

3. Stop motion:

Stop motion is and animation which is simple but consumes your timer and effort. In this type of animation the objects are physically shaped and are being filmed frame by frame. It has its forms such as: object animation, and pixilation which can help you to utilize stop motion technique without the help of specialist equipment. But some special stop-motion are being used for the special effects in live actions films.


These are some of the types of animation which is making a massive change in revolutionizing the animation world.

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