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    What are company reports?

    Company Reports are formal the records that provide information on the company’s mission and history, summarize the company’s achievements in the past year. The financial activities, position of a specific company, and its assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity are also discussed in these reports.

    Since 1934, any business owned by the public needs to submit an annual report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), consisting of:

    • General description of the industry in which the company is involved.
    • List of directors and executive directors of the company along with their principal occupation
    • information regarding various business segments of the company
    • A brief description of the recent year business of the company
    • condition of the business
    • Detailed financial statements
    • A Management’s discussion and analysis about the financial
    • The market price of the company’s dividends and stock paid.

    Why do we need a company’s financial report?

    Companies’ annual reports are needed for a number of purposes. some of these are discussed in this document to decipher this information:

    • A company’s report gives financial data that is used by analysts, creditors, and investors to analyze its financial performance.
    • It is also helpful for investors as well as for the company to communicate past successes and future
      expectations of any liability to a loss.
    • A company’s report also helps its management highlight the area delivering them the most Return on
      Investment (ROI).
    • It tells you what to expect from a company in the future, and also helps to evaluate the bottom-line
      profit margin.


    As this is the era of the global village, millions of networks are connected to make anyone able to have
    any sort of information in a matter of some milliseconds. In the same manner, we can find our interest
    online which is right now a company’s report. Thanks to the internet that today’s investors have access to real-time fundamental and technical analysis data on which they can base informed investment decisions.

    The following are some ways by which one can get a report on any company:

    From any stock exchange website where the company is listed.

    Stock markets are specific places (virtual or real), where the individuals, as well as some industrial investors,
    come together to purchase and sell shares of any company. As the shares of a company are bought and sold in a stock market, a company must be listed on the website of any stock exchange market. One can visit a stock exchange website and can get financial stats from a company.

    Below are some of the websites from where one can get desired data:


    Investors can find a quick view of markets of America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and even African
    countries and can analyze a company’s enactment.

    Google Finance.

    Google Finance offers investors financial news and international market data for technical analysis
    techniques of a firm and comparison of various trading instruments.


    On Kitco, investors can get to know price quotes, trends, and exchange commentary of companies
    specifically involved in the business of precious metals like gold, palladium, silver, platinum, rhodium, etc.

    SEC: Reports and financial statements.

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval
    (EDGAR) database provides free public access to corporate information like registration statements and
    periodic reports on to search by companies.
    But only the companies that are registered can be searched in the SEC and a particular state or country, or
    with a specific SIC code.

    Yahoo! Finance.

    Just like Google Finance, investors can find free real-time quotes, current news, and International market
    data at
    This website shows the U.S., European, and Asian market summaries. Investors can also compare historical
    data for two or more companies and stocks by using a compare feature.

    XE: Foreign Exchange.

    XE’s focus is on currency services for users. XE posts updates on Facebook and users can also download its
    app for IOS, Android, and Windows phones.

    Direct from the company’s website.

    Another simple way of checking the company’s financial report is through its website. Its report can be found
    in the Investor’s Relation menu from where either quarterly or annual reports are present. The annual
    statement for a particular fiscal year details the financial data of business over 12 months. As the name
    suggests, quarterly reports divide the year into four parts. A quarterly financial report, therefore, would
    highlight the business’ financial circumstances over three months each.
    By comparing the quarterly data to the previous year’s information for the same quarter, investors can get
    rich insight into a business’s performance and growth. Furthermore, quarterly reports help investors foresee
    future earnings potential, which is highly correlated to a company’s share expense.
    Every company must enlist its financial report on a personal website from where everyone interested can
    reach it.

    This allows us to have a detailed analysis of a company’s equity and performance and as well as the
    comparison between more than one or two companies and this will also help to make a better decision
    financially and you can invest your money on a more promising company.

    Reporting Accounts The last method stated here is to get an annual report from a website
    This is a centralized site that allows every consumer to access the company’s financial report. It is better
    to analyze the company’s report on a global website so as to have access to other companies’ side by side
    and get a more vivid and financial perspective so it is again advisable to get a report from this website.


    Again, thanks to the Internet that we can have access to everything we need. In this article, we have tried our utmost best to help you guide the ways to find any company’s report and also briefly explained all the methods and working of websites. We hope that this article will assist you in finding a company’s report.

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